Social Tennis


Come and Play

Mix in!

We run several ‘Mix-in’ sessions though out the week. These session’s give new members a chance to meet and play some great tennis, as well as an opportunity to network with existing members.

It doesn’t matter what standard you are, as long as you can hit a ball and hold a racket you’re good to go.

Simply come down to which ever session you want to join and say hello! Here is a list of the nights and day sessions at the club.

Wednesday Night Men’s mix in – Wednesday night from 19.00 hrs till the last man standing! – Followed by an intensive game debrief in the Pub.

Thursday Mixed mix in – Thursday am 10.00 hrs to 12.00 hrs –  followed by tea/coffee and biscuits ( in non Covid times).

Saturday Mixed mix in – Saturday 14.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs – Tea and Coffee available ( in non Covid times).

If you would like more details contact our membership secretary Wendy King for more details.


Wendy King 01562 822 162